Who We Are

Our church is not a building or set of programs but a congregation of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. As sinners saved by God's grace, we have a shared vision that holds a high view of God's Word, His sovereignty and will for our lives. Our desire is to bring glory to God, encouragement to one another, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to sinners. 


What We Believe

The Bible, as the infallible Word of God, is our sole source of faith and practice. We agree with the testimony given through the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith  and what it communicates Biblically regarding what the Lord Jesus Christ has done, is doing, and will do as He builds His church.

Together, with the Confession, we have adopted two testimonial documents - the  CRBC Confession of Faith and CRBC By-Laws & Constitution. While these documents serve to express our doctrinal standards, they remain subordinated to the Word of God, which alone is divinely inspired. Amen.

Sermon Library

Sermons are added, as led, from various series. Each sermon title shall be posted conveniently as a hyperlink via the YouTube hosting site.